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Manufacturer: E. de Jong
Licence: Freeware
Operation System: Windows 98 | ME | 2000 | XP | Vista | 7 | 8 | 10
Language: English
File size: 0.37 MB (Win)



E. de Jong

VisualPhotoCompare compares photos by visual content (content-based image retrieval) in a directory/drive and subdirectories. Use it when you have a lot of photos and you want to find duplicates, but it is possible that the size (width x height) of the photos are different. How does it work? First it lays an 8x8 grid on the photo. For 4 cells [3,3], [6,4], [4,6] and [7,7] an average RGB (red, green, blue) is calculated. This information goes to the work file. When comparing the lines in the work file 2 photos are the same if the differences between each R, G, B of the 4 cells are less then the setting of "Max RGB difference".

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