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Manufacturer: Shahar Prish
Licence: Freeware
Operation System: Windows XP | Vista | 7 | 8 | 10
Language: English
File size: 2 MB (Win)


Prish Image Resizer

Shahar Prish

Prish Image Resizer is a new "Power Toy" replacement for Windows Vista/7/XP. It allows you to resize images using the right-click menu. Right-clicking on an image (or a group of images) will bring up an extra two options - "Copy Picture" and "Prish Resizer". The "Copy Picture" option allows you to copy the image directly from explorer to the clipboard. This way, you can copy & paste directly from explorer w/o having to go through file menus of your application. Current build adds custom resize to context menu. The download of the 32-Bit version can be found here.

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