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Manufacturer: 19th Parallel
Licence: Freeware
Operation System: Windows 98 | ME | 2000 | XP | Vista | 7 | 8 | 10
Language: English
File size: 9.8 MB (Win)


LightBox Free Image Editor

19th Parallel

For people who want a high-end, professional editor to make their pictures to look great but don't want to buy an expensive program and deal with its complexities. All operations in 48-bits (16-bit-per-channel), supporting loading and saving to 48-bit .tif files. Very fast and fluid controls. Most core routines written in machine-level code for speed. Not Web-Based, so it stays fast and powerful. Advanced and user-controlled auto balancing functions. New "Smart Contrast" technology that brings the most out of your pictures. Red-Eye Remover with face-detection technology for easy-use, with "guaranteed red-eye removal" process. Smart-Fill Light technology to fill in shadows while keeping your image looking real. Easy user interface and Interactive help throughout to help you use the very powerful image processing engine. Remove Color Casts with our new Gray Point algorithms to bring out the most of your image and to get rid of those underlying color casts that can make your picture seem murky. Our Remove Color Cast function can show you where there is a color cast that isn't obvious, but still affecting your image.

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